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Payment solution : why choose Lemonway as your PSP?

Published on October 25, 2022

Solution de paiement - Lemonway PSP

Whether you are a start-up, a scale-up or a large corporation, you must find a trusted payment service provider to ensure your marketplace's launch and future growth. The choice of PSP is crucial both in the short and longer term. You need a partner to help you make the best choices for your platform to accelerate the time-to-market. In the long term, you need to be sure that the pricing offered by the PSP is in line with the growth of your marketplace. Indeed, as sales increase, the variable costs charged by the PSP will inevitably increase. It is, therefore, wise to partner with a PSP whose pricing will help you reach your break-even point and thus support the development of your project Modular offering, regulatory expertise, innovative approach, and competitive pricing: discover why you should choose Lemonway as your PSP!  

An agile partner with tailor-made support

Lemonway's strength lies in its customer care approach. Each new project will benefit from a team of experts, to support every key stage of your marketplace's development: succeed from the start with a dedicated implementation team, have Customer Care responsibles solve any technical issues, and guide your platform's growth hand in hand with your Account Manager. In parallel, our clients benefit from compliance expertise for all KYC and local regulatory issues and payment and product expertise.

  • This comprehensive support, with a strong human dimension and close to your needs, considerably accelerates the time-to-market. We have all the technological resources and experience necessary to serve both pure players and large groups.


Are you looking for a flexible and compliant offer to ensure accelerated growth and scalability of your platform? Are you looking for an innovative PSP? If you need a tailor-made offer, Lemonway is the right partner for you because the ability to advise and adapt is part of our DNA.  

A modular offer that meets your flexibility and scalability needs

Lemonway's tailor-made approach comes in two possible options:

  • Choose the complete Lemonway offering: Pay-in (acceptance and acquiring), KYC and payment account management and Pay-Out
  • Opt for the modular offer: KYC, payment account management and Pay-Out. This an ideal offer for platforms wishing to keep control of their payment experience despite the migration of e-commerce to the marketplace


Thus, the marketplace can manage only acceptance and acquisition, and entrust wallet management, KYC/KYB management and pay-out to Lemonway. This modularity makes it easier to integrate Lemonway into the chain of stakeholders. It is for this reason that Decathlon has chosen to trust Lemonway. The record expansion of the brand speaks for itself. Thanks to Lemonway's flexible approach, Decathlon has conquered 13 European countries in the space of 12 months with a GMV of 37M in 2021 and more than 1000 merchants onboarded.  

An unparalleled regulatory expertise

As a French payment institution, Lemonway is subject to the authority of one of the strictest regulators in Europe: the ACPR. As a result, compliance with the strictest regulations (PSD2, GTPA) has always been a lever for innovation. As a result, our teams are in close contact with the regulator and closely monitor future market trends. This proximity to the regulator guarantees a high level of compliance for all our clients. Convinced that only trust will allow the marketplace model to continue to grow in Europe, Lemonway has also invested €5M in identity verification (KYC) to facilitate the identification of fraudsters during onboarding and maximise conversion rates in an increasingly secure and fluid process.  

An ecosystem of partners at the service of innovation

As a real puzzle where each piece is a speciality, fintech implies cooperating with the ecosystem's players and not competing with them. For this reason, Lemonway allows its clients to capitalise on strategic alliances to optimise the user's payment experience through new features such as Pay by bank. As the preferred payment solution of BNP Paribas, Lemonway has no less than 40 strategic partners: BNP Paribas and TINK for incoming payment flows, Onfido for the KYC of our customers and Ripple and Nium for the instant payment of our marketplaces' merchants to name but a few. Not to mention Mirakl, Izberg, Verifone, Cocolabs, Octopia, Magnet and 25 other European allies recommend our marketplace payment solution to their customers daily.  

Competitive variable costs for long-term gains

The pricing of a PSP generally consists of three elements:

  • A one-time set-up fee is charged at the time of installation
  • A monthly management package including maintenance, management, and service
  • Variable costs corresponding to the percentage of commission charged on the means of payment


With competitive pricing, Lemonway offers real value on variable costs. So, as soon as you scale, our pricing will allow you to be more profitable and reach your break-even point sooner. As you know, reaching break-even has a direct impact on your valuation. In this respect, you should pay particular attention to the variable costs charged, as differences of around 3% can be observed from one PSP to another. A commission percentage that is a few tenths higher will have a negative impact on your business plan: your costs will increase as fast as your growth and will reduce the value of your scale-up. 

Why choose Lemonway as your PSP? Not only will our support via a dedicated project team allow you to save time in launching your marketplace and reaching your break-even point, but our entire value proposition will secure and perfect the functioning of your platform to guarantee its long-term success. Want to know more? Contact one of our experts!   

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