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Simply cash the credit card

Context & needs

Created in 2015, EasyTransac makes it possible for users to use their smartphone as a payment terminal, anywhere and at any time, thanks to a free mobile application. Craftspeople, lawyers and even entrepreneurs can thus receive payments without having to worry about the complexity of credit card POS terminal.

Because the provision of payment services is so highly regulated, a PSP must be diligent in verifying the types of merchants its customers serve. Sylvain-Mathieu Lamarche realised quickly how crucial to managing client relations was the choice of PSP, and the latter’s ability to quickly handle regulatory issues.

In order to focus on EasyTransac’s core business Sylvain started looking for a new PSP that was:

  • Expert and up to date on regulatory issues.
  • Offering an easy to integrate solution for migrating the entire business without service interruption and without direct impact on EasyTransac’s 6,000 payment accounts.

Sylvain-Mathieu Lamarche

quote Lemonway has put a great deal of effort into the compliance side of things and you can see that right away. They listened carefully to our requests and made the necessary changes. I really feel like I’m being listened to, something I’ve never found to be the case with other PSPs.

I need Lemonway, the lines of communication are smooth, and I’m delighted to see the product evolve, especially with V2 of the Back Office. The ongoing implementation of new payment methods also bodes well for new innovations that are perfectly in line with our development strategy


Sylvain understood early on that to simplify things and focus on his core business, it was better to integrate a payment service provider. Lemonway offers a solution that is easy to integrate and in order to ensure full compliance with the regulatory framework governing the provision of payment services.

« The migration of our business to Lemonway was completed in several stages and according to a schedule established in advance and without any problems. The account management teams listened closely throughout. We knew where we were going.»


No interruption of EasyTransac services

Transparent verification of all merchants

Increased acceptance rate

+88% for Lemonway compared to 82% for previous providers

EasyTransac’s prices reduction

commission per transaction has dropped from 1.9% to 1.75%

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