How did EasyTransac migrate its business to Lemonway while avoiding service interruptions?

21 February 2020


Created in 2015, EasyTransac makes it possible for users to use their smartphone as a payment terminal, anywhere and at any time, thanks to a free mobile application. Craftspeople, lawyers and even entrepreneurs can thus receive payments without having to worry about the complexity of credit card POS terminal. However, collecting funds from customers and transferring them to beneficiaries is considered provision of a payment service, which is a highly regulated activity. To relieve itself of this role and focus solely on its core business, EasyTransac elected to use a payment service provider.


The choice of payment service provider has a direct impact on the profitability of business. If the PSP fails to comply with the regulatory framework for the provision of payment services, this directly affects the company that uses its services.

Sylvain-Mathieu Lamarche -

The challenge

How to choose your payment service provider to make your business profitable? To meet this objective, EasyTransac relies on flawless compliance with the regulatory framework to which the provision of payment services is subject.

Sylvain-Mathieu Lamarche realised quickly how crucial to managing client relations was the choice of PSP, and the latter’s ability to quickly handle regulatory issues. In order to focus on EasyTransac’s core business — namely allowing professionals to receive payments without the help of a POS terminal for credit cards — Sylvain started looking for a new PSP that was:

  • Expert and up to date on regulatory issues.
  • Offering an easy to integrate solution for migrating the entire business without service interruption and without direct impact on EasyTransac’s 6,000 payment accounts.

Ultimately, Sylvain opted for the Lemonway turnkey solution and within a few weeks, EasyTransac migrates all its flows without any service interruption, increases its acceptance rate and can reduce its rates.

How did Lemonway facilitate this migration? Sylvain provides a look back on his reasons for choosing this collaboration ?