Lemon Way and Crowd Valley announce their collaboration

3 July 2017


Lemon Way is proud to announce its collaboration with Crowd Valley, a leading global digital finance platform provider.


Crowd Valley in few words

As a renowned provider of Cloud Back Offices for FinTech services, Crowd Valley delivers a powerful API which is used to build digital investing and lending applications such as crowdfunding, peer to peer investing and lending, real estate and alternative asset marketplaces for financial services institutions. With offices spread all over the world Crowd Valley is already well-established on the major markets and offers its solutions to a global clientele.  Last year, the company supported more than 100 clients on the market and boasted over 70 integrated service partners.


Collaboration and challenges

As one of the leading payment institutions in Europe, Lemon Way shares with Crowd Valley a strong expertise in crowdfunding and online investment. They also share a strong desire to provide customers with high quality and easy to customize products. In fact as Lemon Way’s solution is pre-installed on the Crowd Valley system, customers will be able to quickly and easily start using this well developed product.

Fully established in France, Spain and Italy, Lemon Way will also help reinforce Crowd Valley’s position in these markets, bringing in new customers and new opportunities. In addition, thanks to its financial passport, Lemon Way is active on 28 European countries.

With its unique competitive advantages, Lemon Way has delivered solutions that have met over 1000 partners’ needs.  This collaboration is the golden opportunity for both Crowd Valley and Lemon Way to work together towards providing the best unique value proposition to their clients.




Markus Lampinen, CEO of Crowd Valley said: We at Crowd Valley are excited about our work with Lemon Way. With our collaboration, we further expand our back office framework’s capabilities and our global API Market concept, so we can provide digital finance applications uniform access to leading global services. Fintech applications are becoming more dominant in the market and we look forward to providing a unique client value together.


Damien Guermonprez, CEO of Lemon Way added: “We are really proud and excited to be working with Crowd Valley. Their solutions are perfectly adapted to the issues of the big players on the crowdlending market and we are glad to join our forces to meet their needs. Through this valuable collaboration, we will both consolidate and expand our leading positions on the European market.

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