A new chapter in our history !

17 October 2019

Lemonway news

Only a few months after our first 10 million-euro round of financing, we have just completed another round of financing, this time for 25 million euros, with Toscafund Asset Management, an investor specialising in financial services. This transaction is Toscafund’s first private equity deal in France.

On this occasion, we would like to thank you for your trust and support. It is with you and by our side that we have successfully evolved to become a significant player ? in the payment industry.

Thanks to this new fundraising round, we will continue to develop our products with new payment features aligned with your needs and the requirements of your business.
Already well-established in France, Italy and Spain, we will keep on growing to increase our footprint in the United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands ?.

Our Payment Institution accreditation allows us to operate anywhere in Europe, and it is our ambition to offer a solution perfectly adapted to the payment methods used in each of the European countries.
Already 10 major banks are already partening with Lemonway, and we will continue to develop these bonds with new banking partners to enrich our offer and to provide you with a fully packaged value proposition while complying with local regulations and specificities.

To meet these new ambitions, we will hire 50 new Lemon Heroes ???? over the next 12 months. This new era will enable more opportunities for interactions with our customers and prospects throughout Europe, in the framework of events hosted by Lemonway, such as the Lemon Boosts and Product Workshops.

So again, many thanks ? and see you soon throughout Europe ?!


Antoine Orsini
CEO Lemonway

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