[WHITE PAPER] – Marketplaces B2B : combining digital transformation and business

5 May 2020

Lemonway news

B2B Marketplace: Do you want to combine digital transformation and business? You’ll find this white paper very helpful!

Situation overview

7 out of the 10 most popular websites in Europe are marketplaces. The use of these online “marketplaces” – which connect multiple sellers with a variety of buyers – has become increasingly attractive to consumers, challenging many business models. B2B is no exception: Industry members are increasingly looking to embrace this digital transformation tool that is shaping their personal shopping experiences to fit their business requirements. The model appeals to professionals because it has been able to adapt to the specific features and regulatory constraints inherent in the B2B market. No longer reserved exclusively for web giants creating a marketplace is now something anyone can do.

Lemonway, Wavestone and Wizaplace have combined their expertise – consultancy, technical skills and money management – to showcase the potential of B2B marketplaces.”

Our goal

To provide an informative insight into the B2B marketplace model, to use real-life cases to present the main types of B2B marketplaces and the challenges and stakes of companies of all sizes and business models.
With this whitepaper, we wish to allow all market participants to adopt this transformation tool that draws on personal purchasing experience for professional use!

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