Streamline the integration process through our partners

Opt for a modular payment solution that works closely with key industry partners

A broad ecosystem of partners 
serving your every need


We offer a range of plugins to make integrating our payment solution even quicker and easier.

That way, you save time at the integration stage so you can focus on growing your business.

Banks and fintech companies

We work with numerous banks and fintech companies to offer a wide range of payment methods.

This approach means you can offer the payment methods your customers are most likely to use, boosting conversion and retention rates in the process.

Consulting firms and integrators

As well as working with banks, fintech companies, and technology partners, we’ve also built up a network of consulting firms and integrators—skilled professionals who are familiar with our solution, enabling seamless integration and maximizing the performance of your payment system.

Hear from our partners

Logo Izberg

“Our partnership with Lemonway perfectly illustrates Izberg’s European expansion strategy focused on new B2C and B2B markets. We’re combining our sales, marketing, and technology capabilities to make this partnership really stand out and to ensure we’re ready to face future challenges in the digital sector.”

Jeremie Chemia

Associate Director at Izberg

Logo Cocolabs

“As a leader in the marketplaces market, we have a duty to offer our customers a reliable solution to help drive their marketplaces to new heights. Converting a prospect into a customer is already a challenging endeavor, so you can’t afford to lose someone just as they’re trying to pay. That’s why a specialized payment solution for marketplaces makes perfect sense.”

Erik Desloges

VP Sales and Partnerships at Cocolabs

Logo Capsens

“We’re immensely proud to be a Lemonway partner. Lemonway is an excellent technical solution for our customers. We’ve integrated it on a number of occasions.”

Nicolas Dabbaghian​

CEO at Capsens

Why work with Lemonway and its parters?

Lemonway works with a network of trusted partners, each an expert in the marketplace sector, to support your project.

Want to become a Lemonway ally?

Becoming a Lemonway ally means first and foremost joining a network of trusted professionals with positive experience of marketplace projects.

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