16 September 2021

Press Release

Paris, 16 September 2021: Leading French payments service provider (PSP) Lemonway has launched Pay By Bank in partnership with Tink, to bring open banking-powered payments to its customers across Europe.

By integrating Tink’s payment initiation services (PIS), Lemonway can enable merchants to offer a fast and secure digital payment method that improves the user experience. With Pay By Bank, end-users can connect to their bank account and authorise the transaction in a few simple steps.

Pay By Bank expands the payments options available to Lemonway’s customers and provides a more seamless experience compared to traditional payment methods. It offers higher payment thresholds, and a secure transaction method that takes fewer steps to complete, because the payment can be initiated directly from the bank without manually filling in payment details – all within the same online environment.

Pay by Bank also aims to revolutionise payments in the wider financial services market. The new service will enable investment firms to connect directly to their investors’ bank accounts, enabling faster onboarding experiences and avoiding delays when adding beneficiaries to an investment account in order to deposit and receive funds. 

Lemonway’s payment services have been trusted by more than 1,400 marketplaces and 200 crowdfunding platforms in Europe, with 8 million payment accounts (e-wallets) and more than 210 platforms registered as agents. In the last year, the value of payments processed by Lemonway increased by 90%.


The launch of Pay By Bank ensures we continue to offer our customers an industry-leading secure, scalable and compliant payment solution. Our ambition has always been to contribute to the success of marketplaces by enabling them to give their users a safe and frictionless payments experience. By connecting to Tink’s PIS solution, Lemonway can access a complete portfolio of banks across Europe through just one API integration, enabling us to scale Pay By Bank across Europe with ease.

Simon Berger-Perrin -
Chief Product Officer


We are proud to partner with Lemonway to help it take a fast, simple, and secure open banking payment experience to its marketplace customers across Europe. Pay By Bank is a win-win for merchants and their customers, by reducing both the costs associated with payments and the time and effort it takes to complete a transaction. We look forward to continuing to develop our partnership with Lemonway in the coming months and years, to increase innovation in the payments market.

Jerome Albus -
Director France & Benelux