Thanks to partners throughout Europe, Lemonway has exceeded the 3 million client milestone

14 April 2017

Press Release

Thanks to partners throughout Europe, Lemonway has exceeded the 3 million client milestone and is now making reglementary control its core business.

Lemonway is 4th fastest growing Fintech in all of Europe

Lemonway, the number one Fintech in France in quantity of payment accounts opened, is continuing its growth and confirming its presence as a leader in the field, placing 65 in the FT1000, the Financial Times ranking of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe, based on growth between 2012 and 2015.

Sébastien Burlet, the Executive Chairman and Founder of Lemonway, responded “We are particularly proud to represent the FrenchTech in this European ranking!”

Lemonway’s success is thanks to the trust shown by partners from all over Europe

The company owes its phenomenal growth to its partners, to whom it offers services for the collection of funds for third parties: this principally concerns crowdfunding sites, joint presents, wedding lists, factoring, marketplaces and e-commerce sites.

Thanks to the European financial passport Lemonway have been able to practice its activity as a payment establishment in 29 European countries, from France. In 2016, 60% of its turnover came from outside of France and this part is continuing to grow.

Conformity at the centre of its business model

In just two years the company has recruited more than 70 employees of 27 different nationalities.

Lemonway makes the respect of regulatory constraints the heart of its business: a quarter of the team, over twenty people, are today dedicated to auditing tasks, such as the fight against money laundering, fraud and the financing of terrorism, both for individuals and for companies.  

The company uses international databases to filter the requests to open accounts and all the customer transactions. The KYC (Know Your Customer) audits and KYB (Know Your Business) are the raison d’être of the new payment establishments which secure the exchanges in the new economy.

“We are a real control tower and we verify the origin, purpose and the final benefactor of every flow involving the accounts of our clients and partners,” explains Damien Guermonprez, CEO.

Bolstered by the recognition from the world of finance, Lemonway is proud of its profitable three figure growth permitting the job creation and the satisfaction of prudential ratios. A path that Sébastien Burlet and Damien Guermonprez, surrounded by their international team, firmly plan to continue on!


About Lemonway:

Lemonway collects the payments of clients of new economy websites: financial participation platforms (crowdfunding), sharing platforms, marketplaces and e-commerce websites. Lemonway ensures the fight against fraud and secures customer payment operations. Lemonway obtained a payment establishment license at the end of 2012 from the ACPR and benefits from a “financial passport” in 29 countries. Based in Montreuil, on the outskirts of Paris, since its creation in 2007 by Sébastien Burlet, the independant company employs 86 people of 27 different nationalities. Lemonway had €7m in turnover in 2016 and is aiming for €15m in 2017.

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