How to generate traffic and improve the attractiveness of my marketplace?

15 February 2022

Business Insight

Making sure that your marketplace attracts more and more visitors is a major challenge for the viability of your business. In an increasingly competitive context, marketplace operators must be ingenious to make their platform stand out. Here are our tips for generating more traffic and improving the attractiveness of your marketplace.


Generate organic traffic to your website with excellent SEO

The first thing you need to focus on as a marketplace operator is the visibility of your platform. Indeed, it will be difficult to sell your products if your site is not found!

Getting a good organic ranking is not easy, but it is essential to generate traffic on your marketplace. To compete, you need to achieve excellent SEO, and the best technical way to do this is to have a fast and responsive marketplace, i.e., adapted to mobile and tablets.

As far as SEO is concerned, many rules allow you to move up in the search engine results, the content of the product sheets plays an essential role. Title tags, Hn, meta-description… In addition to filling in all the SEO tags of the product sheets, your sellers must limit duplicate content, penalised by Google. The internal linkage must be well done, and the URLs adapted. It can also be interesting to use structured data, which will allow your content to appear in Google’s “Rich Snippets”. For all these reasons, it is highly recommended to supervise the writing of product sheets by providing sellers with a guide of good practices to follow.

To improve the natural referencing of your site, you can also create a blog integrated into your marketplace, to deal with the news of your sector. To position yourself quickly on high value-added keywords, especially during the launch of the platform, it may also be useful to invest in paid referencing (SEA).


Build loyalty with an optimal user experience

Once your marketplace is found, visitors should stay and ideally turn into buyers. A platform that is not user-friendly and difficult to use risks having the opposite effect and driving them away. As an operator, you need to ensure that the user experience is the best possible. An attractive marketplace will help you increase sales, so its design should be geared towards this. Each element must be useful and integrated in a way that produces a graphically coherent and homogeneous whole. The best way to generate traffic and improve the attractiveness of your marketplace is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Make sure that the purchase of a product or service can be madee in a minimum of clicks.

To do this, the product sheets must answer the visitor’s questions and make them want to buy. You must therefore encourage salespeople to fill them out properly: clear and objective title, good quality images, writing of bulleted lists, adapted categories, use of the right keywords… Verified customer reviews will also be essential information to help future customers in their choice. Finally, the purchase block must be particularly well thought out, with a clear and visible CTA.

For the traffic generated to be converted into purchases and to avoid shopping cart abandonment, the payment phase must not be neglected. In this respect, it is essential to offer a payment service that complies with regulations and is adapted to your customers’ needs. To improve the attractiveness of your marketplace, your platform must therefore offer a smooth and secure payment experience. The easiest way to achieve this is to use a payment service provider (PSP). As a payment specialist, the PSP guarantees secure transactions and provides different payment methods and means.

As a partner of many platforms, Lemonway puts its payment expertise at the service of your marketplace’s attractiveness. Do you have a project? Any questions? Tell us about your needs!


How to generate traffic and improve the attractiveness of my marketplace?