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SNCF Connect&Tech

B2C Marketplace

Context & needs

SNCF Connect is the flagship service in the SNCF Connect & Tech product portfolio for all travelers.

The aim? To make all journeys easier by combining short and long distances, daily and occasional mobility, ticket purchase and passenger information.

As a key player in mobility, SNCF Connect & Tech must offer optimal management of payment flows to its customers and merchants on SNCF Connect. In this sense, the choice of its PSP (Payment Service Provider) was essential.

Yohan Ouaziz

Director of Payments and Fraud
quote When chaining multiple authorization requests, there is a higher risk that the end user's bank will consider this suspicious behavior because making two authorization requests for two different merchants within one second of each other is humanly impossible. This means that the flows are automated, which can alert the bank. So we regularly had slightly higher rejection rates on successive payment requests. This was one of our major issues: optimizing our conversion and securing the implementation of PSD2.


SNCF Connect & Tech, therefore, chose a payment solution capable of securing transactions in compliance with PSD2, while facilitating the customer journey.

“We turned to Lemonway for its marketplace expertise, which includes compliance, security and reconciliation of flows on a European scale. It is also a solution that was recommended to us for its innovation, robustness and expertise,” adds Yohan Ouaziz, Director of Payments and Fraud at SNCF Connect & Tech.



Optimize the customer journey and conversion rates


Taking charge of the operational management


On-boarding and integration of various merchants

Key results


tickets sold each day


billion euros of business volume


million visits every day on average

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