Reinvent the payment experience on your crowdfunding platform

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+17 %

The European crowdfunding market grew by 17% between 2021 and 2022.

Source: European Crowdfunding Market Report 2023
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Streamline the payment experience for fundraisers, investors, and donors

In today’s growing and fiercely competitive market, offering a streamlined payment experience is a vital if you want to boost conversion rates and ensure your fundraising campaigns are a success.

For investors, this means being able to choose their preferred payment method. And for fundraisers, it means a seamless onboarding experience, and rapid and reliable pay-outs. Offering a robust, secure, seamless payment experience is a surefire way to attract and retain users.

By choosing Lemonway, you’re giving your crowdfunding platform a competitive edge

At Lemonway, we fully understand the challenges you face, which is why we’ve designed a modular solution to transform the payment experience.


Let your customers use their favorite payment methods.


Set a high bar for marketplace security and payment experience


Seamlessly manage all your wallets


Let your merchants get their hands on their funds at lighting-fast speed


Monitor marketplace activity in real time


Reduce integration time, streamline exchanges and focus on growing your marketplace.


Ready to reinvent the payment experience  on your crowdfunding platform?

What is

a crowdfunding platform?

A crowdfunding platform is a place where individuals and businesses can raise funds from a wide pool of individual or professional investors. These funds can come in various forms, such as donations, loans, and equity investments.

What are the types of crowdfunding platforms?

These platforms let investors lend money to fundraisers—typically business or individuals—in return for interest on the loan. Under this model, businesses can raise funds without going through traditional banks, while investors can diversify their portfolio and generate attractive returns on their investments.
These platforms let investors buy shares in startups or established businesses in return for an equity stake. This model allows business owners to raise the funds they need, while giving investors a stake in the company’s potential profits. Crowdequity platforms are often used by early-stage ventures as a way to raise capital for growth and expansion.
Donation and kitty platforms
Donation and kitty platforms
These platforms let donors contribute financially to projects, charities, or people in need. The donations can be used to fund projects in the arts, humanitarian action, community support, or other good causes. In some cases, the donations can be built up in a kitty to pay for special events, group gifts, or other forms of spending shared between friends or family members.

Hear from our customers

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+ €170m

"Our relationship is quite open and honest. We understand each other’s challenges, as we are both growing fast, but at the same time we feel that Lemonway is solution-oriented, which is very vital! There have been challenges, but one-by-one we have solved those in cooperation. We are satisfied with Lemonway, that they can provide reliable solutions and support the growth."

Riivo Pilvik

Head of Product

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+ €270m

‘‘It was crucial that our customers could continue to use standard, alternative and local payment methods, as well as the Decathlon gift card and loyalty vouchers on the marketplace, even for our partners' products. Lemonway was the only PSP that could do this, leaving us to manage our payment flow.”

Nicolas Deltenre

Head of Digital

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+ €160m

‘‘What makes Lemonway different is its reliability. The project was taken over and processed on time. Problems were minimised and dealt with proactively and almost immediately. We benefited from a tailored support from dedicated teams, genuine technical and operational agility, and an aggressive price.”

Fabrice Hurth

Project Director

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+ €350m

We called on Lemonway to implement a custom solution to integrate specific bricks. ​ This personalized support made the project a success, including customized evolutions.

Yohan Ouaziz

Director of Payments and Fraud​

We manage

High transactions volumes


What makes us different? Our track record in handling high payment-flow volumes—with flexibility and stability! 


billion flows handled in 2023


million transactions processed in 2023


wallets opened

+ 99.9 %

uptime for our API

Streamline your payment flows and unlock the full potential of your marketplace with end-to-end support from our team.

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