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Legal requirements for European e-commerce sites

  Legal requirements for European e-commerce sites   If you’re selling online to European customers, you’ll need to comply with EU laws. This includes both the laws specifically related to e-commerce and also the laws relating to data privacy. If you don’t follow the rules, it could be considered a criminal offence.   Overall, the […]

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5 traps to avoid when choosing a payment gateway

  5 traps to avoid when choosing a payment gateway When you start an e-commerce business, you are likely thinking about the money you hope to make. Of course, a necessary step to be able to make this money, is to find the best way to get paid.   You want a payment gateway which will provide you […]

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What is dropshipping?

  What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is when a person sells an item which is not in his or her possession and then orders the product from another store so it will be shipped to the customer. The person listing the product chooses a price which is higher than the price on the other site so […]

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Which cards should your European payment gateway accept?

Which payment cards are popular around the world? Some statistics to help you choose a payment gateway   If you are starting an e-commerce business and choosing your payment gateway, you may have wondered exactly which payment methods you should accept to satisfy your clients? You will also be considering the cost and benefit as some […]

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5 common questions about payment gateways

FIVE QUESTIONS ABOUT PAYMENT GATEWAYS   When choosing a payment gateway to process your payments online you may find yourself with a few questions. Here we answer a few of the most common ones.   What is a rolling reserve? Sometimes payment processors require merchants to keep a certain percentage of money processed in the […]

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